Global Resources Co. Ltd. offer a highest standards of quality service for freight forwarders and manufacturers, Packaging all manner of commercial and consumer goods.

Packaging plays an essential role in promoting, protecting and transporting your products.

We provide Packaging services for commercial and consumer goods including electrical, industrial equipment, hazardous and high value goods. We also provide wooden pallets at competitive price and we are capable of feeding bulk orders in shortest possible time frame.

Our Packaging Services:

  • Timber, plywood or fibreboard, crates and case, lined if required.
  • Shrink or stretch wrapping.
  • Plastic or steel banding.
  • Hazardous goods.

Industrial Packaging:

We are highly seasoned when it comes to industrial Packaging. Our in-house Packaging unit renders wood, plastic and aluminum materials to pack your equipment in a highly-secured manner. We deeply understand that industrial Packaging is a highly-specialized job and thus our team is well equipped to handle.

Machinery Packaging:

We use premium quality wooden crates and boxes to pack the commercial grade equipment and machinery for long distance transportation. Our executives will understand your requirements to suggest tailored Packaging and transportation services that perfectly meet your needs and budget.

Site Packaging:

We provide tailored Packaging solutions on-site to ensure the safety of your goods and facilitate effective transportation to the new location. Our team executes its responsibility effortlessly and with great care.